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Nabeela El Shalimar has been both teaching and performing the dances of the Middle East and North Africa for over 20 years. Nabeela has developed a style that is earthy, soulful, true to the culture and highly entertaining.

* Demo of Nabeela dancing coming soon! *

On stage her ability to mesmerize is warm, fascinating and all-enveloping. She has performed throughout the USA, Canada and Turkey. A life student of the dance, Nabeela continues to take master classes so that she can to impart the best to her students. Madam Shalimar shares her extensive knowledge, vast experience and unique perspective with an easy-going, supportive blend of wit and wisdom.

Whether you are a new dancer or have a long history of dance experience, Madam Shalimar can help you discover a fresh approach to this dance-of-the-ages. In the process you will discover many layers of your own hidden depths. You may just rediscover yourself.

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Nabeela El Shalimar's teaching & class schedule

Beginning Belly Dance Technique
Thursday evenings @6:30pm
YMCA (downtown Seattle)
909 Fourth Ave Seattle
*class is in the Multi-purpose room*

Advanced Belly Dance Technique
Monday evenings @6:15pm to 7:30pm
Lakewood/Seward Park Community Club
4916 South Angeline St. Seattle

DROP-INS are welcome in all classes!

For more info on these classes call: 206-325-9677

Nabeela is also teaching classes at
Renton Technical College:

In this class you will learn the basics as a foundation for the dance including musical structure. Work with strength, grace, body alignment as you learn. At your own speed you will develop confidence, poise, and flexibility in addition to a positive body image. Historical discussions will be given as part of the class including costume fundamentals. Wear soft clothes and a scarf for the hips. Class is suited for males and females; size is not an issue, previous dance experience not necessary. Students will need finger cymbals by third class.

12 hrs Fee: $55 Room B120
6pm-7:30pm Wednesdays

Expand on your knowledge and abilities. Incorporating the information learned at the beginning level, the focus in this class is geared towards transition in movement, with the finger cymbals, to the music. In addition to more advanced work with the finger cymbals and more complicated rhythms within the dance, learn to dance with the veil as an added dimension. Learn to do , shimmies, and isolated movements. Free up your imagination as you continue to learn different ways to express yourself through this ancient dance form. Let you imagination soar with newfound confidence. Students need a 3-yard veil by the second class.

12 hrs Fee: $55 Room B120
7:30-9pm Wednesdays

Renton Tech is located at:
3000 NE Fourth Street, Renton, WA 98056

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